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My working languages are Slovene, Croatian, Italian, English and French.

  1. Interpreting services (more details)

My language pairs in this field of specialisation are Slovene into Italian and vice versa, as well as English into Italian and Slovene.

I have offered my services to a wide range of events in the fields of economy, politics, tourism, history, legal affairs, medicine, health, art, environment and sport. I have dealt with human rights, architecture, construction, transport and logistics, oenology, international projects and town planning.

A list of the 950 interpreting services in which I have been involved so far is available upon request.

  1. Translation services (more details)

My language pairs are Slovene into Italian and vice versa and French, English and Croatian into Italian and Slovene.

My main fields of specialisation are: economy, social and environmental sciences, tourism and technology. For the translation of highly-specialised texts and documents I am in the advantageous position of relying on a network of experienced Slovenian, Italian, English and French experts and colleagues. I also provide sworn translations of legal documents.

                        References from past clients are available at WWA page or on my profile at LinkedIn.